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DIY Valentine’s Day gift ideas for HIM!

It is that time of the year again when you will find the Indian government doing some kind of “tamasha”. They will beat the crap out of all the couples, tell them how holy India is and how they are forgetting our Indian traditions. (Makes me not want to move back at times. :))

But on a brighter note, it is that time of the year when love is in the air! :p When you try and forget about the things you hate about your partner. When you want to make them feel special and loved! When the business of all the gift shops, bakeries and fancy restaurants booms! It is Valentine’s day and some of you might be stressing out about what you should gift your boyfriend/husband. Girl, don’t you worry! I am here to help you out! 😀 ❤ So I am a kind of person who loves making things instead of buying them. It adds a personal touch to your presents. Here are a few ideas for you! 😀

  1. Bake a cake!
     I am sure you know what his favorite flavor is! So go ahead and bake some Tres leches, Cheesecake, Chocolate cake, Devil’s food cake or if your man is a gym freak, you can bake Carrot cake, Flourless Chocolate Cake, Whole-Wheat Chocolate-Zucchini Cake, Whole-Wheat Apple Cake etc. You can write their name on it with frosting and surprise them when they get home from work! 😀

    valentines day, rabia, cheema, rabia cheema, single, happy, google, love, heart, i love you
    Cute eh?


2. Leave cute little notes all around the house!

Tell him the reasons you are head over heels for him! Leave a note by the sink so that he sees it first thing in the morning. Leave notes on the dinner table, lunch box, car, doors and every place you know he will be able to find them. I bet you that this will make his day! 😀

rabia cheema, rabia, cheema, love, single, happy, couple, valentine's day, google, name
Don’t you just love this?

3. A cute bag of necessities or his favorite things!

This one will vary from person to person. Who knows your man better than you do? 🙂 Get his favorite deo, may be he needs a moisturizer for this cold weather, may be his shaving cream is running out, he might be in need of some warm socks, get his favorite candies, packs of ramen noodels, a scheduler or anything else you can think of. Then get a cute bag and fill it with all these things. It will show him how much you care about him and that you actually listen between the lines. 🙂

rabia, cheema, rabia cheema, love, single, happy, valentine's day
Them bags! ❤

4. DIY sharpie mugs

These are one of my favorite things to do! Get a white mug and oil based sharpies. There are so many ideas online. Decorate the way you want it! You can write “I LOVE YOU”, his initials or you can be creative and write something that means a lot to you guys. After you decorate it, just microwave the mug for about 30-40 minutes and it won’t wash away. 🙂 I do this all the time for my family! 🙂

DIY, mug, rabia, cheema, rabia cheema, google, single, happy, valentine's day, man, him
Love DIY mugs! 

5. A love letter or a card!

I believe in today’s day and age, being old soul is valued. Those texts, e-cards and emails are great, but you can’t see the effort in those things. Tell him how you felt the first time you saw him, your first date and every moment that is precious to you. May be a waiter messed up your order one time and he apologized, and said that he does not want the money for the meal. But your perfect man said, “Brother, no problem. We will pay for everything. Anyone could have made that mistake.” 😀 #KeepThatMan

love, letter, valentine's day, single, happy, couple, google, you, him, me, i, love,
Just cz..

6. Cook his favorite dish!

May be he is your Punjabi Munda and loves rajma chawal or he is your Gujarati Chokra and loves dhokla. Fix his favorite meal and he will love your for life! 😀 We all know that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. This one never gets old! 🙂 Have a small candle light dinner at home or if you have plans for the night, pack the food for his lunch time. 🙂

rabia, cheema, candle-light-dinner, home, couple, happy, single, love, i, you, i-love-you
Food! ❤

7. Dress up for him!

Wear that gorgeous dress in your closet, and look your best! Show him that you put in a little extra effort just for HIM! May be he is planning to take you out on a date. 🙂 You gotta be ready at all times girl! 🙂

gauhar-khan, love, wedding, valentine's day, happy, couple, single, rabia, cheema, rabia-cheema, i-love-you, him
Guilty as charged for loving Gauhar Khan! 😀

A present should be personalized. Money can never buy love. It is the small things that matter in life LOVE! The moments you spend with your man are precious. Live each second to the fullest! Life is short to cry over people who do not care about you! Show appreciation to the ones who genuinely love you and never chase a man who does not give a crap about you! And if you have had a bad experience with one person, that does not mean that every man in the world is the same. Give a chance to a good man out there! Love the one who loves YOU! 😀

Spread Love and Peace! 😀 ❤

XOXO! 😀 ❤

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