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Single this Valentine’s Day? I got your back!

So February has arrived and we can already see Archies & Hallmark going crazy with their Valentine’s Day cards, huge *ss Teddy Bears, heart shaped balloons, and a whole lot of presents. I went to the bakery the other day (because I have the biggest sweet tooth in the world :P) and it was filled with TulipesValentine’s Ombre Heart Cake, FLOURLESS CHOCOLATE SOUFFLÉMocha Pots De Crème, Love Bird Cake etc. Everything was pink, red and velvet with hearts, couples kissing, and Cupid’s arrow. First of all, who comes up with these fancy names? Like honestly, the harder the name is to pronounce, the more expensive the item will be. 😛 Just saying!

rabia, cheema, rabia cheema, valentine's day, love, single, happy
This cracked me up! 😀


So I live in a community where it is kind of looked down upon if you don’t get married before 25. You can see thousands of couples every day holding hands, kissing each other for long periods of time in classrooms and hallways, people announcing that they got engaged or married. I have gotten so used to this that I don’t notice these things anymore. I am single even this year on Valentine’s day and I will tell you exactly what I do every year on this particular day.

1) Treat yourself! I go to the bakery and buy that one dessert I had been stopping myself from eating for the past month or so. This can count as a reward for being single and for staying away from additional drama in your life. 😀 😛

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2) Buy something for people you really LOVE! Your FAMILY! 😀 A lot of times, we start giving so much importance to people who are in our lives just for a couple of weeks/months, that we forget the ones who were there with us years ago and who will be with us “till the end of our days and beyond!” (I personally believe that FAMILIES ARE FOREVER. Our roles might change, but we will always be with each other in every life. We joke around in our family how my sister is the reincarnation of my Mother’s Great-Grandmother! Haha! My sister is going to kill me after this! 😀 :p <3)

single, rabia cheema

I put heart candies in these cans and write short sweet notes for my mother and sister, then I seal them. After that I decorate them and save them until I see my family again. Small gestures mean the most you guys! 🙂 ❤

3) We all dress up for other people! Why not dress up for yourself! 😀 I personally love dressing up! It gives a boost to my self-confidence. I feel like I can conquer the world when I feel good about myself. I buy dresses with hearts on them or leggings every year like you can see! 😀

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4) Party!!! 😀 I personally don’t like going out. But if you are one of those wild animals who love to party, then you should hit a club and dance till dawn. You can make new friends and have a good time. And in case you really want to be with someone, you can find a date for yourself at the club! 😀

rabia, cheema, rabia cheema, valentine's day, single, fun
Let’s groove!

5) Netflix and chill! :p I mean just spend time with yourself! Haha! 😀 I am a huge fan of Netflix! Watch some action movies if you are into action. I watch all the romantic comedies, inspirational movies and documentaries. Make some popcorn and relax! You deserve a peaceful night fella!

cheema, rabia, rabia cheema, valentine's day, single, happy

Let’s stay happy and enjoy every moment LOVE! Life is too short to cry over someone who does not care about you. Your soulmate will come to you once you stop chasing all the wrong people in this world. Stand in front of a mirror, tell yourself that “I LOVE YOU” and that “I WILL CONQUER THE WORLD!”

Spread LOVE and PEACE! 😀

XOXO! ❤ ❤ ❤ :* :* :*


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