Understanding people who hurt you!

So I was reading a book this evening and a sentence caught my attention.”..the relatively few people we call sociopaths, or psychopaths-those who have the clinical diagnosis “antisocial personality disorder.” These people lack consciences, routinely disregard social norms, feel no empathy for others, and are treacherously manipulative, destructive, and remorseless for the damage they inflict on others..”

And then I started watching these videos of serial killers who did not feel any kind of remorse whatsoever.


I always ask my mother that how on earth does a person not feel a thing after hurting someone. I was talking about a family member and was trying to figure out that how on earth can you not care about your own blood.

In relationships, the person we fall for so hard ends up scarring us for life. We see this all the time. Two people love each other and then one day you hear this story of some kind of abuse. This makes you wonder what went wrong.

I have come to a conclusion that certain people are just born that way. They lack any kind of empathy. These people want something, they go and get it. And after they have achieved their goal, they dump the other person or end up hurting them. People who are very emotional, sensitive and are in tune with their higher self feel like it was their fault. They blame themselves if a relationship does not work out. But we need to realize that we are not the ones at fault. And I wouldn’t blame these psychopaths either. They are born this way and we can not really alter anyone’s genes or brain. May be could treat them. But I don’t think that we can invoke empathy or any kind of goodness in such people. Their world revolves around themselves. Anyone else’s happiness in none of their concern.

As we can see in this video. Charles does not have any kind of guilt. He says he could kill anyone and not feel bad about it. Only thing he feels remorse about is that he did not kill enough people! And of course this is an extreme case. I am not saying that every weirdo in our life is exactly like this guy. This is just an example.

So anyone out there who feels like they did not deserve a certain kind of treatment from their loved one, or if they feel like they can not move on in life because of some kind of abuse, I want you to know that YOU ARE A BEAUTIFUL AND KIND SOUL! ❤ We are only humans. We can not change people. Surround yourself with people who are positive and ambitious in life. Don’t fall for anyone without really knowing them. And stop blaming yourself for things that didn’t go right. YOU ARE NOT AT FAULT! And never stop being so loving and kind because one day, you will find a genuine person who will love you for the goodness inside you! And please stay away from people who will hurt you or pull you down! At least try! 🙂 ❤

Spread love and peace! ❤ 😀

XOXO.. ❤

2 thoughts on “Understanding people who hurt you!”

  1. Rabia! I so love you!! 😘😘😘and I love this post!! I can tell you lots about psychopaths and sociopaths though.. There’s a very slight difference between them…

    You my dear love are a very beautiful person! 😘😘😘😘😘😘


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