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Respect for Rohit Shetty movies!

So I am a typical Cancerian girl! Very sensitive, way emotional and a romantic movie buff. So because of this sensitivity, I can not stand loud noises, people fighting, yelling, hatred of any kind, blood shed and the list is never ending. And because of this weird nature, I have never been a fan of action movies. So if I am forced to go to a theater, this is how I end up watching an ACTION movie: I close my eyes with my fingers and ears with my thumbs throughout the movie. And if I am at home watching a movie, I skip all the action and blood shed.

Shah Rukh Khan
Ready, steady, po!

Everyone who knows me well enough knows one thing for a fact. I love Shah Rukh Khan! ❀ πŸ˜€ He is someone I look up to! Working with Shah Rukh Khan is my ultimate dream. You mention his name and my face will cheer up. SoΒ in 2013, when Chennai Express came out, I had to watch it. After all, it was SRK! ❀ I loved the entire movie. But when they started beating King Khan, I could not stand it. I skipped all of that action. It hurts when I see someone hitting SRK, even if it is not in real life. (I know it is silly! haha) So as you can see, I have a hard time admiring action in any movie.

But I came across Rohit Shetty‘s interview on Facebook this week. It was about his upcoming release Dilwale. We all know that SRK and Kajol are coming back together after years and I am super stoked about it! So I had to click on that link! Haha! πŸ˜€

Man! That video changed my entire outlook on action movies.! I felt ashamed of myself for not admiring people’s work. And here is the reason why.

Rohit Shetty talks about his stuntsmen who turn his vision into reality. They showed interviews of all those men, who risk their lives to entertain us. They have families that they need to feed. They have little kids waiting for them at home. Shankar Kotion has been working as a stuntsman since 1973 and he got burned while performing a stunt. It broke my heart when I saw his burnt hands. A big salute to him for still smiling and giving this interview.

I learned a lot of things after watching this video. I have started admiring action movies. I admire Rohit Shetty and his team’s hard work. Thank you for opening my eyes Sir! I hope and pray that Dilwale is a great success! My best wishes will always be with the love of my life, Shah Rukh Khan! ❀ πŸ˜€

Check out this eye opening video! Stop criticizing people! Look at their hard work and dedication. And if you can not admire someone’s work, it is better to stay mum rather than spreading hate comments, or making fun of their work.

Check out the video -> Dilwale | Heart behind Action | Shah Rukh Khan, Rohit Shetty

XOXO.. πŸ™‚ ❀